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Building Management Systems (BMS) have to deal today with a growing amount of data using several open BMS standard protocols. Today several EN/ISO BMS standard protocols exist: BACnet, LonWorks, KNX, M-Bus plus standards which are de facto included in BMS: MODBUS, OPC … Systems are becoming multi-protocol and BACnet is seen today as the protocol which gathers all the data for the SCADA system.

NEWRON SYSTEM offers new software platform to manage this collection of opened protocols: DoMooV. This software framework is an engine that does not model only datapoints  and alarming and scheduling and trending …  but that really models the full network management including commissioning, channels, routers, …. Not only a framework for datapoints but a pure operating system!

To manage these multi-protocols systems we decided to develop a system management tool: MooV’n’Build. MooV’n’Build is a multiprotocol tool commissioning devices, performing configuration and binding and preparing SCADA systems: a unique tool to manage any mono or multi protocol system.

Data collection is also a real challenge because of protocols complexity. We propose DoMooV OPC server a multi protocol OPC server proposing a simple and unified way to connect a SCADA or HMI to a BMS solution through OPC. We also propose a DoMooV BACnet server to display multi-protocol field data through a unified and standard interface: BACnet.  These server platforms both propose a function to perform Gateway, Proxy and scripting between these protocols.

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